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In our range of defibrillator cabinets from leading manufacturers, we can offer various IP ratings (weather, dust and ingress levels) dependant on your requirements, temperature control features, visual and audible alarm options and colour and locking options.

Storing Your Defibrillator

There are many ways to store your defibrillator and keep it safe. Such a valuable asset should not be left out to get damaged, dirty, exposed to the elements or left out for potential theft.

Safe storage can be provided in the form of defibrillator cases, backpacks, wall brackets or cabinets. We understand that there are many different scenarios where defibrillators can be used and stored and so we aim to provide as wide coverage as possible to suit as many applications as we can.

Defibrillator cabinets can be bought with optional audible alarms, strobe lights, key locks, tamper seal security, temperature control, water protection and many other features. Brackets and cases tend to offer a more affordable solution for storing your defibrillator and are often used for indoor storage in situations where potential damage or theft is non-existent.

Here at Defib4Life we aim to meet all of our customer expectations. If you can’t see what you’re looking for or if you need our help to tell you what would be best for you then get in touch. Our friendly specialists are on hand to make sure you get the right defibrillator products for you.

Defib4Life also offer installation on all products at an additional low cost price please ask for details.

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